Most love stories begin with a tiny spark, that leads to an flight of bubbly emotions.
This story started with tiny text that was printed on the back of a bottle of sparkling water.

In 2010, Swedish-British designer Johanna Jonsson arrived to South Africa on a holiday she had won, for which the price was tickets for two to anywhere in the world. Within months of saying farewell to an old love, a new one started and culminated in a wedding day 7 years later.

Having struggled to find a dress that matched her own idea of fabulous, she started designing and making those dresses by herself.

Jo Malins creativity can now be enjoyed in person at the atelier in Cape town, and a limited collection is available from the Sheer Bride online shop.

Never ceasing to seek inspiration from real women for new designs, Jo continues to guide brides in the unexpected miracle which is their own engagement story through her wedding blog Sheer Ever After.